WP Retina 2x

The Ultimate Retina Plugin

This plugin creates the image files required by the Retina (or any high-DPI) devices and displays them to your visitors accordingly. Your website will look beautiful and sharp on every device. The retina images will be generated for you automatically (you can also do it manually) and served to the visitors. You will be able to control everything from a nice dashboard.

From WordPress 4.4, responsive images support has been added to the core. The plugin never supported responsive images (only retina) so this is a good news. The plugin supports this new WordPress already and adds the retina images to the src-set. It also give you options to control what WP 4.4 is doing (and to also remove that new image size which was added and might be redundant).

Retina for WordPress

Quick start

  • Check what image sizes are in use in your WordPress.
  • Set your options. Default options are good but you might want to avoid certain image sizes being generated by the plugin.
  • The retina images are created on-the-fly by default but right after the install you will have to go to the Retina dashboard and click on Bulk Generate.
  • Voilà!

Check the tutorial, the FAQ and the official support forum.


I originally made WP Retina 2x for my own use and, of course, I use it on my two main websites. Do you want to see what it does and how my websites appear on Retina? Visit them at:

  • Jordy Meow: Hosted on WP Engine, uses the PictureFill (default) method and WP Engine CDN.
  • Haikyo.org: Hosted on SiteGround, uses the Retina.js method and MaxCDN. It additionally uses CDN Linker to make sure all the file resources are renamed to be loaded through the CDN.

I recommend both WP Engine and SiteGround, they are both really nice hosting services for WordPress with fast and serious support. If they are too expensive for you, then I recommend HostGator. They do not offer the best performance but are inexpensive and have surprisingly good support.

What does the plugin do?


Image Optimization

WP Retina 2x doesn’t optimize your images. But if you are interested in optimizing your images, I have a page about Image Optimization plugins here: Image Optimization for WordPress.

  • Reza Purnama

    Ahhh, please fix bug crash for wp retina 2x v.4.8, check this plugin www utekno(dot)net crash, my site using wordpress 4.7.3, please downgrade to v.4.7.7 sir

    • Did you check your PHP Error Logs? I have never heard about that and the plugin works fine for everyone right now, it might be specific to your install, or a clash with another plugin, or something else. I need details since I can’t reproduce this issue at all πŸ™ PHP Error Logs would help.

  • Loren Tucker

    I just updated to 5.0.2 and get a fatal error. Please help if possible! πŸ™‚ Thanks. Here is the error code: Fatal error: Class ‘Meow_Admin’ not found in /***/****/****/wp-content/plugins/wp-retina-2x/core.php on line 482

    • Can you contact me directly? Best would be to access your install, I try to reproduce the issue but I can’t πŸ™ All my installs have their plugins updated, I think this might be a glitch…

  • Great, so even though I buy licenses from you, I can’t log in now and am chasing my tail to try to relicense my sites. Come on Jordy you can do better for your customers.

    • About this, if you have an issue, contact me directly and we will fix it, I actually have no clue at what your problem is, and the last few days everything is going very smoothly, or so it should.

  • dpc

    Hey – problems installing the pro over the non pro – can this be improved? Also sent to this page for a license but no clear link to my account /serial number.

    I’m actually a bit confused about what this plugin does now. Am i right in thinking it adds the retina sizes to the scrset attribute?

    So method in basic settings should be set to None?

    And no lazy loading?


    • What kind of problems do you have installing the Pro over? You simply need to remove the non-Pro.

      The plugin does the same as before, create and maintain the src-set (core feature) and with PictureFill it does actually adds the src-set to the normal src. Lazy-loading is also included with the Pro. Method in basic should be “PictureFill” for most installs, but in 2-3 years hopefully it could be set to None (= only maintain the src-set, doesn’t re-write HTML).

      • dpc

        Automatic deactivation of non pro, clearer messaging, different namespace maybe, install like normal plugins but activate pro features with serial… You can’t see setting options on menu change unless you actually save settings as picture fill.

  • Just noticed my Pro license disappeared from my install, why and how do I get it back? There’s no place to fill it in?

  • Hey Jordy,

    I wonder what the best way is to display an image that is smaller than the full content width in Retina.

    Example: My content width is around 800px. I upload a retina screenshot that should have a visible size of 310x125px (it’s natively 620×250).

    Is there any other way than to have premade media sizes for that? When I insert it into the post in full size it get’s stretched to 620x250px and of course doesn’t display like it should.

    Maybe I’m just missing things but I wonder what the intended way is.

    Thanks for helping!

  • The Pro Version adds support for “Full Size”. Please explain this feature. Thanks!

    • Do you know about the “Image Sizes” concept in WordPress? The free plugin works with those image sizes automatically. However, some people prefer to work with the image they upload directly, which is the “Full Size”. The Pro version adds features to support this.

  • Wyatt Marshall Brule

    I could not activate the Retina 2x (PRO) because it generated a fatal error (Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Meow_WR2X_Admin in /home2/wyattbrule/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-retina-2x-pro/wr2x_admin.php on line 432)
    What should I do?

    • Normally you should get a message but… did you disable (or even delete) the free version before activating the pro one?

      • Wyatt Marshall Brule

        No, I didn’t. I am unable to activate, and in WP, the sidebar menu item Media > Retina page still has “Only Pro users have access to the features of this dashboard” displayed at the top with an option to download the Retina Pro Version.

        • Please contact me directly through the Contact section so that I can help you. But basically you have the wrong version of the plugin enabled right now πŸ™‚

  • John Garner

    Hi Jordy, I sent you a message about using Retina 2x Pro that I purchased a license for in conjunction with RICG (due to a post builder that doesn’t use WP core for responsive images). It’s been 3 days and just wanted to check where you expect people to send support questions, in case I should be sending requests somewhere else.

  • CK MacLeod

    I’m wondering how/whether the plugin handles the @3x protocol (for “+” displays, and “X”).

    • It is actually already working. Install the plugin, and try it on a little device with that kind of pixel density. It will appear perfectly crisp. That’s because we are using src-set, and the device/browser will pick the most adequate resolution. What is not supported yet, is @3x for full-sizes, but I doubt any of my users (in my experiences of debugging installs for them) will be able or willing to upload such an image. For that, I have an alternative idea I am working on.

  • Amol Haware

    Don’t buy the pro version the author is not providing the support. I had opened ticket on Sunday REQUEST #3945 the author has not replied in last 3 days. I hope some one come with alternative to this plugin.

    • I am all alone providing the support and there was a big loss in my family this week, so sorry, you will have to wait a few days before I can reply to you. If you are disappointed with the plugin, I will refund you, I actually don’t mind doing it at all. The Pro version doesn’t include more support than the Free one, it includes more options.

      • Amol Haware

        Hello Jordy, I am so sorry for your loss. I will wait for fews days to get the support on the same. Thanks.

  • Andy

    Hi Jordy, I have a quick question please. If my original uploaded photo is 600px by 600px, and my theme is generating a custom 150px by 150px version. For retina I’d use your plugin to generate a 300px by 300px. My question is, does the plugin generate the 300 by 300 from the original full-sized upload (the 600px by 600px version)…or does it generate it from the 150px by 150px version. Obviously the latter would result in a blurry retina image.

    This leads me to my 2nd question. How is the plugin generating a retina version of the full size? If my uploaded image 700 by 700, retina needs to be 1400 by 1400. Again, generating a full size retina from a smaller version will result in a blurry image.


  • John Ashenden

    Does your plugin support generating sizes larger than the supplied source image? I understand it will be blurry, but is this doable today with the plugin?

    • The plugin doesn’t do it today, but I would like to propose it with the plugin, using another service in the back that would blow up the photos x2 without a significant loss in quality. I am actually waiting for this service to finish implementing its API and I will hook the plugin to it πŸ™‚

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.