WP/LR Sync

Synchronize WordPress with Lightroom

WP/LR Sync is a Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It exports your photos to WordPress, along with the folders and collections, and it keeps them synchronized. Any changes applied to your photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc…) or to your folders and collections will be replicated. Your WordPress website will be always synchronized with your Lightroom.

WordPress Lightroom Sync

Who is this for?

This plugin will be extremely useful if you:

  • alter your post-processing, enhance your photos as you go
  • modify the associated metadata (title, caption, keywords, etc…)
  • change or modify your watermark
  • need a different resolution for your original images in WP
  • like to maintain your folders and collections in from Lightroom
  • and so many other use cases!

WP/LR Sync is an important tool for photographers or bloggers using a lot of photos in their articles.

How does it work?

WP/LR Sync is a bundle of two plugins. One is available on the WordPress repository and has to be installed on your WordPress website. The other one is for Lightroom and can be downloaded from here (sidebar on the right). The two plugins will communicate and keep everything synchronized. You can learn how to install and use WP/LR Sync on this tutorial. Your Media Library will be synchronized with your WP/LR Sync Publish Service in Lightroom and will look like this.

WP/LR Sync Media

You will be also able to filter your photos by collection. For instance, below, I chose to only work with the photos of my collection Dreamland: The End.

WP/LR Sync Library Filter

If you are only interested in synchronizing your photos with your Media Library in WordPress, you don’t need to read further. It will work on any kind of WordPress install. Just read the tutorial.

Collections & extensions

You might have galleries, albums (or something similar) in you WordPress. This is not a core feature of WordPress, it is brought by specific plugins such as Photo Gallery, NextGEN or, ideally, the themes. They create those for you and they all work in a different way.

So how can WP/LR Sync make your folders and collections available to those plugins and themes? It is done through the WP/LR Extensions. They are additional plugins loaded by WP/LR Sync. The extension called Post Types is included by default and can cover the vast majority of themes.

WP/LR Sync is clean and powerful. As this data is stored internally by WP/LR Sync, you can even switch plugins and themes : your folders and collections will always follow you.

WP/LR Sync Collections

For more information about the extensions, click here.

iPhone App

The WP/LR Sync API allows external applications to use it (with authentification through a QR Code). So there is now a free iPhone app on the Apple Store: WP/LR Sync Portfolio on Apple Store. Please try it πŸ™‚

More features

WP/LR Sync has plenty of features to please its geekiest users (and I am one of them). In Lightroom, you will find two interesting modules (in Library > Plug-in Extras).

Total Synchronization will link (then synchronize) the photos you have previously uploaded to your WordPress with your Lightroom. This special process uses image recognition and metadata to do the matching. You can learn more about it here.

Switch Photos lets you pick two photos on your Lightroom (one should be already uploaded on your WordPress, the other not) and will switch them. That’s the easiest way to replace a photo by another one on your website.


If you are curious to see what people and blogs say about the plugin, you can check those links. They can also help you understand what the plugin does.

  • sɹǝpuǝǝ⅂ β„’ΚžuɐɹℲ

    An amazing plugin. It really works seamless! I had some trouble because I was new using Lightroom but I got great support from the developer!

    • Thank you, and don’t hesitate to share you URL πŸ™‚

      • WP has its’ own rootdir and all sub dir belong to wp. I don’t store my photos within wp. they’re off in another completely separate dir.

        • Then it’s better for you to use a LR plugin that does upload through FTP. Not possible to do synchronization or anything since you are completely not using the WordPress system, and you would miss 99% of my plugin features πŸ™‚ I am not sure why you are doing this though.

          • I’m doing it this way because WP isn’t the only site I support with Bluehost space. Also I then control the photos NOT WP. Gives me greater independence to do what I want and NOT what WP thinks I should be doing. Also when I do a backup of WP I’m not waiting forever for the backup to complete. The photos are already backed up on my desktop system.

          • Mmm. You also lose completely all the advantages of WordPress, maybe you shouldn’t use it. WP/LR Sync is not for you neither, has it plugs into WordPress. You should look for a FTP only solution, I think there are Publish Services like this, or host your images somewhere else like on Smugmug and reference to them from your website.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy. I am trying to sync between LR and WP. Basically it works. I can’t make it work to sync the keywords or to see them. Can you hello or guide me somehow?
    Kind regards, Ernst Wilhelm

    • Hi! The keywords can be enabled in the options. You would need also to re-publish your images from Lightroom (right click + mark as to be republished) and the keywords would be created πŸ™‚

      • ErnstWG

        I ‘ve just read C’T magazine. Congrats.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy. After synchronization I can’t make the images assigned to a tag “Portraits” appear. See here https://ernst-wilhelm-grueter.de/attachment_keyword/portraits . Do you have any idea?

    • Hi! You need to modify your .htaccess for this, this is not related to WP/LR Sync at all, it is a about the Permalink that you need to set up. By the way, it’s better to contact me directly through “Contact” since this page is more about the presentation fo the plugin πŸ™‚

  • I keep my photo seperate from WP. That they are at the same website but the photos are not in a subdirectory of WP. Will WP/LR Sync support this mapping?

  • Morgan Hvidt

    Hi Jordy, I’ve been searching for “stock” photography solution. Is there a way to seamlessly have WP/LR Sync integrated into WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads? I’m looking to have watermarked photos as thumbnails, and full res download after purchase. Thanks!

    • Hi Morgan! I would love to work on such a solution for photographers. I actually contacted EDD recently to ask them if we could work together, or if they could let me use their plugins for free so that I can really test everything out in order to be able to propose a solution to the photographers but they don’t do that apparently, I would need to buy a few plugins to make sure I really understand their system. It’s just a big investment in time, and I am okay with this but it’s also money so I am waiting for a client to ask this to me so that I could find time and work seriously on testing, and implementing it if required.

  • Dennis Henß

    Hey Jordy,

    I’m actually testing the trial version and having an issue.
    After uploading a picture it is shown twice in my media pool in WordPress. The reduced picture is beeing uploaded and a another, same named file with just 3 Bytes of file size.
    Can you give me a hint if I’m doing something wrong or is this a behavior related to the trial version?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Dennis. Not sure what is happening, it’s the first time I hear that one photo being uploaded appear twice in the Media Library. Wasn’t this photo already present? Technically, I don’t see how this could be happening actually. Also, you could check your PHP Error Logs, also try with all the other plugins you are using disabled, maybe another plugin is doing something on upload?

  • Terry Kahler

    Hi Jordy. I’ve been using your plugin now for quite some time and I love it. I have synced so many photos that I now need to reorganize my structure. What is the best way to accomplish this? I could not find an automated way of doing so and reorganizing in LR does not automatically move the photo in WP. It just makes another copy. Is this a manual process? If so, what is the right procedure? Let me know.

    • You mean, you would like to create folders and collection in your Publish Service? Right now, everything is in “Photos” (in italic)? If yes, then you can create folders, create collections, move your photos from “Photos” to your collection, publish that collection. WP/LR Sync will NOT add a new photo in WP, it is the same one, so there is no problem. However, you might want to clean you “Photos” (in italic) in LR, in that case you can delete those photos after they have been published through a collection, they will not be deleted on WP since they are somewhere else as well πŸ™‚

      Technically and logically it makes a lot of sense actually but if you are not a developer it might not be easy to grasp. I hope it helps πŸ™‚

      • Terry Kahler

        Hi Jordy. I did not explain myself very well. I already have a lot of folders each with collections in them. I want to reduce the number of folders and collections so it will require to move them around. If I move them in LR they don’t move in WP and vice-versa. What’s the best way to reorganize folders and collections so they stay in sync?

        • If you move the folders and collections in LR, they move in WP. If you move them in WP, that is not replicated in LR though. So the best way is to re-organize everything in LR.

          If you want to gather collections together, make sure you publish the images that you moved into one before deleting the previous one. Maybe that’s not important for you, that depends on the install, but doing so will not delete the original files and re-upload new ones, it will keep the same ones which is better.

          • Terry Kahler

            Thanks Jordy. That’s what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

      • Terry Kahler

        Hi Jordy. I did not get a response to my clarification. Can you take a look at this when you get a chance?

  • Hi, Really loving this plugin so far. Just a quick question – I’f I delete an unattached photos from WordPress, will Lightroom remove the same photos from the LR collection? Or is the plugin one-way LR > WP sync only?

  • George Cook

    Hi Jordy,
    Congratulations on 3.0
    How do I upgrade to the new version without having to purchase again?
    I believe purchased an account for 1-3 websites forever but that level does not appear to exist anymore.

  • Matthew Brown

    how can I find my log in to download this paid product again please?

  • Julien Ferrandez

    Hi, I don’t get the point that I have to pay for 1 or more URL. For my photography website with different galleries (each with its own url I guess), do I have to buy “the starter” for all my website or something for each of the gallery ?

    • Hi! Of course, your website is only one main URL πŸ™‚ The Starter is totally fine.

      • Julien Ferrandez

        perfect, it seemed obvious in this way but we never know … I ha
        trouble to finish my order, I tried a few times with different debit
        card and I always get the message “Error: Bad request – parameter error”, any idea ?

  • cylemo

    Hi I purchased the lightroom plugin last year september (yearly subscription). How do I upgrade to the newest version?
    Thank you

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.