WP/LR Sync

Synchronize WordPress with Lightroom

WP/LR Sync is a Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It exports your photos to WordPress, along with the folders and collections, and it keeps them synchronized. Any changes applied to your photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc.) or your folders and collections will be replicated. Your WordPress website will be always synchronized with your Lightroom.

WordPress Lightroom Sync

Who is this for?

This plugin will be extremely useful if you:

  • alter your post-processing, enhance your photos as you go
  • modify the associated metadata (title, caption, keywords, etc…)
  • change or alter your watermark
  • need a different resolution for your original images in WP
  • like to maintain your folders and collections in from Lightroom
  • and so many other use cases!

WP/LR Sync is an essential tool for photographers or bloggers using a lot of photos in their articles.

How does it work?

WP/LR Sync is a bundle of two plugins. One is available on the WordPress repository and has to be installed on your WordPress website. The other one is for Lightroom and can be downloaded from here (sidebar on the right). The two plugins will communicate and keep everything synchronized. You can learn how to install and use WP/LR Sync through this tutorial. Your Media Library will be synchronized with your WP/LR Sync Publish Service in Lightroom and will look like this.

WP/LR Sync Media

You will also be able to filter your photos by collection. For instance, below, I chose to only work with the photos of my collection Dreamland: The End. Note that WordPress only displays such custom filters in List Mode and not in Grid Mode (the icon on the left).

WP/LR Sync Library Filter

If you are only interested in synchronizing your photos with your Media Library in WordPress, you don’t need to read further. It will work on any WordPress install. Just read the tutorial.

Sync with your Galleries

WP/LR Sync works in a natural way with the standard WP Gallery (that means it doesn’t hijack your WordPress with its own system). You just need to add attributes to the [ gallery ] shortcode in WordPress, for examples wplr-collections=’…’ or wplr-keywords=’…’ and the photos will appear as in your Lightroom. There is a screen in WP/LR Sync that will help you figure out how to use those attributes. The images order for those attributes is handled by the Custom Order in Lightroom.

Sync with Galleries

To make your galleries look better, give a try to the Meow Gallery.


Through different plugins and themes, you might have features related to galleries, albums or something similar. Those are not core features of WordPress, they are brought by specific plugins such as Photo Gallery, NextGEN or, ideally, themes. Their implementation is always different. You can’t even switch easily (or at all) from one to another.

WP/LR Sync makes your folders, collections, and keywords available to those plugins and themes through the WP/LR Extensions. The extension called Post Types shipped with WP/LR Sync and covers most cases. For example, this extension can create one page (post or any other post type) per collection, and categorize (or any kind of taxonomy) them under a folder. Of course, this will be all kept synchronized through time.

WP/LR Sync is clean and powerful. Since all its data is kept internally, you can even switch between plugins or between themes: your folders and collections can always follow you.

This is for advanced users only and you might need a developer or a WordPress professional to help you. For more information: WP/LR Sync Extensions.

External API

There is an external API available through WP/LR Sync so that iPhone, Android developer or anybody else can use to make apps. There is one available for iPhone, you can search for it on the iTunes Store (it is not free, and not made by Meow Apps).

Image Optimization

WP/LR Sync doesn’t optimize your images; Lightroom does it then WordPress does it, WP/LR Sync is simply in between. For Lightroom, I recommend you to use JPEGmini. For WordPress, I have a page about Image Optimization plugins here: Image Optimization for WordPress.

More features

WP/LR Sync has plenty of features to please its geekiest users (and I am one of them). In Lightroom, you will find two interesting modules (in Library > Plug-in Extras).

Total Synchronization will link (then synchronize) the photos you have previously uploaded to your WordPress with your Lightroom. This unique process uses image recognition and metadata to do the matching. You can learn more about it here.

Switch Photos lets you pick two photos on your Lightroom (one should be already uploaded on your WordPress, the other not) and will switch them. That’s the easiest way to replace a photo by another one on your website.


If you are curious to see what people and blogs say about the plugin, you can check those links. They can also help you understand what the plugin does.


Download, Try & Buy

  • sɹǝpuǝǝ⅂ ™ʞuɐɹℲ

    An amazing plugin. It really works seamless! I had some trouble because I was new using Lightroom but I got great support from the developer!

    • Thank you, and don’t hesitate to share you URL 🙂

      • WP has its’ own rootdir and all sub dir belong to wp. I don’t store my photos within wp. they’re off in another completely separate dir.

        • Then it’s better for you to use a LR plugin that does upload through FTP. Not possible to do synchronization or anything since you are completely not using the WordPress system, and you would miss 99% of my plugin features 🙂 I am not sure why you are doing this though.

          • I’m doing it this way because WP isn’t the only site I support with Bluehost space. Also I then control the photos NOT WP. Gives me greater independence to do what I want and NOT what WP thinks I should be doing. Also when I do a backup of WP I’m not waiting forever for the backup to complete. The photos are already backed up on my desktop system.

          • Mmm. You also lose completely all the advantages of WordPress, maybe you shouldn’t use it. WP/LR Sync is not for you neither, has it plugs into WordPress. You should look for a FTP only solution, I think there are Publish Services like this, or host your images somewhere else like on Smugmug and reference to them from your website.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy. I am trying to sync between LR and WP. Basically it works. I can’t make it work to sync the keywords or to see them. Can you hello or guide me somehow?
    Kind regards, Ernst Wilhelm

    • Hi! The keywords can be enabled in the options. You would need also to re-publish your images from Lightroom (right click + mark as to be republished) and the keywords would be created 🙂

      • ErnstWG

        I ‘ve just read C’T magazine. Congrats.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy.

  • ErnstWG

    Hey Jordy. After synchronization I can’t make the images assigned to a tag “Portraits” appear. See here https://ernst-wilhelm-grueter.de/attachment_keyword/portraits . Do you have any idea?

    • Hi! You need to modify your .htaccess for this, this is not related to WP/LR Sync at all, it is a about the Permalink that you need to set up. By the way, it’s better to contact me directly through “Contact” since this page is more about the presentation fo the plugin 🙂

  • I keep my photo seperate from WP. That they are at the same website but the photos are not in a subdirectory of WP. Will WP/LR Sync support this mapping?

  • Morgan Hvidt

    Hi Jordy, I’ve been searching for “stock” photography solution. Is there a way to seamlessly have WP/LR Sync integrated into WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads? I’m looking to have watermarked photos as thumbnails, and full res download after purchase. Thanks!

    • Hi Morgan! I would love to work on such a solution for photographers. I actually contacted EDD recently to ask them if we could work together, or if they could let me use their plugins for free so that I can really test everything out in order to be able to propose a solution to the photographers but they don’t do that apparently, I would need to buy a few plugins to make sure I really understand their system. It’s just a big investment in time, and I am okay with this but it’s also money so I am waiting for a client to ask this to me so that I could find time and work seriously on testing, and implementing it if required.

  • Dennis Henß

    Hey Jordy,

    I’m actually testing the trial version and having an issue.
    After uploading a picture it is shown twice in my media pool in WordPress. The reduced picture is beeing uploaded and a another, same named file with just 3 Bytes of file size.
    Can you give me a hint if I’m doing something wrong or is this a behavior related to the trial version?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Dennis. Not sure what is happening, it’s the first time I hear that one photo being uploaded appear twice in the Media Library. Wasn’t this photo already present? Technically, I don’t see how this could be happening actually. Also, you could check your PHP Error Logs, also try with all the other plugins you are using disabled, maybe another plugin is doing something on upload?

  • Terry Kahler

    Hi Jordy. I’ve been using your plugin now for quite some time and I love it. I have synced so many photos that I now need to reorganize my structure. What is the best way to accomplish this? I could not find an automated way of doing so and reorganizing in LR does not automatically move the photo in WP. It just makes another copy. Is this a manual process? If so, what is the right procedure? Let me know.

    • You mean, you would like to create folders and collection in your Publish Service? Right now, everything is in “Photos” (in italic)? If yes, then you can create folders, create collections, move your photos from “Photos” to your collection, publish that collection. WP/LR Sync will NOT add a new photo in WP, it is the same one, so there is no problem. However, you might want to clean you “Photos” (in italic) in LR, in that case you can delete those photos after they have been published through a collection, they will not be deleted on WP since they are somewhere else as well 🙂

      Technically and logically it makes a lot of sense actually but if you are not a developer it might not be easy to grasp. I hope it helps 🙂

      • Terry Kahler

        Hi Jordy. I did not explain myself very well. I already have a lot of folders each with collections in them. I want to reduce the number of folders and collections so it will require to move them around. If I move them in LR they don’t move in WP and vice-versa. What’s the best way to reorganize folders and collections so they stay in sync?

        • If you move the folders and collections in LR, they move in WP. If you move them in WP, that is not replicated in LR though. So the best way is to re-organize everything in LR.

          If you want to gather collections together, make sure you publish the images that you moved into one before deleting the previous one. Maybe that’s not important for you, that depends on the install, but doing so will not delete the original files and re-upload new ones, it will keep the same ones which is better.

          • Terry Kahler

            Thanks Jordy. That’s what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

      • Terry Kahler

        Hi Jordy. I did not get a response to my clarification. Can you take a look at this when you get a chance?

  • Hi, Really loving this plugin so far. Just a quick question – I’f I delete an unattached photos from WordPress, will Lightroom remove the same photos from the LR collection? Or is the plugin one-way LR > WP sync only?

    • Hi, and thank you 🙂 You need to delete that photo from the Publish Service in LR, it synchronizes in one way.

  • George Cook

    Hi Jordy,
    Congratulations on 3.0
    How do I upgrade to the new version without having to purchase again?
    I believe purchased an account for 1-3 websites forever but that level does not appear to exist anymore.

  • Matthew Brown

    how can I find my log in to download this paid product again please?

  • Julien Ferrandez

    Hi, I don’t get the point that I have to pay for 1 or more URL. For my photography website with different galleries (each with its own url I guess), do I have to buy “the starter” for all my website or something for each of the gallery ?

    • Hi! Of course, your website is only one main URL 🙂 The Starter is totally fine.

      • Julien Ferrandez

        perfect, it seemed obvious in this way but we never know … I ha
        trouble to finish my order, I tried a few times with different debit
        card and I always get the message “Error: Bad request – parameter error”, any idea ?

  • cylemo

    Hi I purchased the lightroom plugin last year september (yearly subscription). How do I upgrade to the newest version?
    Thank you

  • Skeeter

    You need a VERY clear “call-to-action” on your page. I’m interested in your plugin but I’m clicking around and around and it took me forever to find how to buy it (i.e., give you money) and then suddenly I can’t find the differences between starter, professional, agency, etc.

    Just a suggestion from a marketing guy — keep it simple. Your sales process should be so simple that even your granny (or grandpap) could figure out how to give you money.

    • Hi, I have added a few buttons but the main one is on the left, it wasn’t easy to find? And I would rather have only one option to buy it unfortunately I need to please so many people, so I try to made options for them. Originally there was only one option but it didn’t work at all.

  • Downloaded many months ago. Decided to you use now. Said Trial had Expired. Decided to purchase a $19 subscription. Got email with key, entered key, got: No Subscription was found for this serial….

    • I think that’s because you are using the old version of the LR plugin you installed at this time. You need to use the download link you got in the welcome e-mail and it will work 🙂

  • Ry Beaver

    Hi Jordy – quick question – what version of WordPress does this work with? I am assuming as it needs a WordPress plugin it will only work on .org and not wordpress.com sites? I did read through the FAQs but couldnt see it jump out at me. Thanks Ry

    • Hello Ry! Plugins only work with your own install of WordPress (WordPress.com is a specific service owned by Automattic, you can only use their plugins, very limiting, not recommended). It works with any version though 🙂

      • Ry Beaver

        Thanks very much. Looks like more compelling reasons to move away from WordPress.com and setup my own install..

  • How come this is free on wordpress.org?

    anyway. Can I sync images to a specific folder in wp?
    Like now I am using Alloy photo LR to Nextgen gallery plugin.

    I have some albums that I would like to sync images to. And currently with alloy I can update new images to WP without even opening WP.

    • Actually I am not sure what you are looking for 🙂 You are using NextGen + Alloy. That system is very restrictive and only works with NextGen but it seems that is exactly what you want to do (= updating NextGen albums). WP/LR Sync can do exactly that but not with NextGen (since it is a extremely closed gallery system) but it works with any other open gallery systems out there, any themes, including the natural WordPress flow (and could work with NextGen with an extension, some people do it but I don’t recommend it).

      • lets say I have website.com/images where I have a gallery of some sorts. Currently I use JIG on the front end that fetches images from nextgen. when I upload from LR, it will automatically show on website.com/images.

        Can I do the same with WP/LR sync if I use wp real media library?

        And you didn’t answer me regarding the free verstion. is that an older version that wont be updated or?

        • There is no free version, but yes, the WP part is downloadable for free, you need to buy the license and insert it into the LR plugin.

          Yes you can do basically the same, WP/LR Sync + RML. But I am not developer behind RML so for what it can do exactly you need to check that plugin.

          • ah of course. forgot there was two parts in this equation 🙂

    • Usually it’s either the match is totally perfect or totally un-perfect. Technically speaking, 64% is actually very low with the algorithm I am using 🙂 I could make this better but you would need to have Google kind of servers for that or it would take months.

  • The Plugin looks very promising, but before I purchase, I need to know two things:
    1. If I buy the «Standard – 19.00$ Yearly / 5 URLs» … can I use this license on two different Lightroom Installations → 1 × Desktop (3 URLs) and 1 × Laptop (1 URL)?

    2. Is there an Upgrade from the «Standard – 19.00$ Yearly / 5 URLs» to the «Standard (Lifetime) – 99.00$ Lifetime / 5 URLs» license?

    • 1. No problem, as many Lightroom installs as you want! The only restriction is the number of URLs, not the number of Lightrooms 🙂
      2. Yearly and lifetime works differently, so they are not upgrade to each other, they are just totally different. But I can refund one and you can take another one.

  • Creativira


    I’ve got all working and synching is great. I noticed files that have ‘@2x’ in the name, the ‘@’ gets removed when it reaches WordPress. Can you confirm if that’s a bug? Thank you for checking.

    • Hi! Good! But the renaming is done by WordPress, it avoids certain type of characters, WP/LR Sync doesn’t do that though. That said, why do you want to upload @2x files through Lightroom?

      • Creativira

        I have retina versions of my logo. It’s just been a practice to add ‘@2x’ for retina images. I see it doesn’t matter for my theme as it has different uploads for different sizes. Please disregard.

        Another Q: Where is the best location to delete files to keep both folders tidy? Delete in LR or WordPress to keep the same number of files?

        Thank you!

  • Justin Goldstein

    What is the minimum version of MAC Lightroom required, to work with this plugin?

    • Actually, I am not sure; I am using the Cloud version of LR (and I recommend it too). But I have heard of somebody running it on LR 3…

  • Gregg

    hi, ive been using WP/LR Sync for several years now. I have a lifetime subscription. Recently Lightroom has let me know that I need to install the latest version even though my current version works just fine. How do I get and install the latest version?

  • Gil Stose

    Hey Jordy! Q for you.
    1. Will wp/lr sync the info back and forth from wp or does it only push the info from LR? For example, if I change the title and filename of an image in WP Media, will LR also get the updated info? I have been using the File Renamer in the media library and am wondering if I am wasting my time doing so.
    2. File renamer is great and i do like the scan feature! Is there a better way to edit text info? If I go via WP Media, when I am done editing, it takes me back to page one of X, despite having worked on page 5 of X. I noticed too that editing txt thru the renamer also does the same thing. Is there a work around?

    • Hi Gil! The synchronization is only one way, from LR to WP. From WP is not possible, technically something could be done but it will bring hell to your Lightroom and your whole flow. A clean workflow should go from LR to WP, LR is the base for your photos and related info. The filenames in Lightroom aren’t the ones used by WP, they are going through a renaming process in LR (check the options) and this can’t be synchronized because it doesn’t make sense technically speaking. WP/LR Sync will therefore never change the filenames upon further synchronization. About File Renamer, it’s not related to WP/LR Sync, but I will look into this, I need to make big updates on this plugin too 🙂

  • Luis Urbina

    Is anyone using WP/LR with a Godaddy web page? Is there a certain something I must do to be able to export photos to my WordPress site?

    • There is no problem using WP/LR Sync with GoDaddy 🙂 You don’t need to do anything special, just install the plugins and do it.

  • Snap Click Photo Booth

    Hi Jordy, we are thinking to try the software. Can we have multi computer download the plugin by serving one URL?
    Would you be able to recommend a plugin that could sort the photo in album format?

    • Hi 🙂 Yes, only the number of websites matters. What do you mean my sorting the photo in album format? You mean a nice gallery? Sorting can be managed by Lightroom + WP/LR Sync. You can try my gallery called “Meow Gallery”, it’s available in WordPress.

  • Bernard Cagalj

    Hi, I purchased your plugin and really like it. What I am missing: how can I create SEO friendly image Urls. Of course I could rename the original file name (for example DSC01525.JPG into My_cool_pic_from_anywhere.jpg) or I could use the title as filename. But then I have 2 problems. If I leave the title empty no filename is generated. Also I cannot replace blanks or special characters with other characters like a underscore or anything. Do you have a idea? Thank you

    • Hi, and thank you 🙂 Actually I am a bit lost, are you talking about Media File Renamer or WP/LR Sync? For WP/LR Sync, you should control how the file is named at the beginning in the export settings in the WP/LR Sync settings. Then if you want to go way further, you can use my plugin Media File Renamer that let you rename manually the file once they are on the WordPress already, or depending on conditions, you can even hook into the plugin to rename it your way.

      • Bernard Cagalj

        Thank you very much for your answer. I meant WP/LR Sync. The rename options in the export settings do not give me the results I would like to achieve. Does WP/LR Sync and Media File Renamer work hand in hand?

  • Mat

    (désolé j’avais pas lu les règles après avoir envoyé le message dans la page contact)

    je dois développer un site pour un client photographe qui utilise lightroom, sans même parler des imports des champs IPTC, est ce que votre plugin de synchronisation est compatible avec lightroom 4 ?

    Je vous remercie par avance,

    Cordialement Mathieu.

  • Viv van der Holst

    Hi, just to let you know I’m loving the plugin so far.

    I just have a question.

    The uploaded images create a link in wordpress (fairly straight forward so far) with a date in that URL.
    If I for instance share a link of one of my posts to social media and later decide to update that featured image a few months down the line, will the URL stay exactly the same?
    Prior to having started using your plugin, I have had some of my images in Google + go missing when I updated the featured image as the Url changed because of the Date change. So I guess the biggest question is, when I resync the post with my LR catalogue will it upload into the original date folder that was created in WP or will it upload to the newer month folder and delete it in the older date folder.
    Hopefully this is not sounding too complicated.


  • claudevoyage

    I have the version 2.8 and the current version is version 3. I have a yealy license.
    How do i download the new version of the plugin for LR ?

  • William Toti

    Recently I get an error message “Wrong login, password, or missing the rights to upload files.” But everything is correct. What gives?

    • You should follow this: https://meowapps.com/wplr-sync/debug-connectivity/. Make also sure that the login/password is correct, maybe the URL of your website changed (even slightly, for example from http to https). The plugin can’t stop working randomly, something happened or changed. I can help you debug this further if you can’t find the exact issue.

      • William Toti

        Jordy, this error only occurs on the Lightroom side.  The instructions you provided below only apply to the WordPress side, but it’s actually the LR plugin that gibes me the error message.

      • William Toti

        Sorry to bother you.  Figured it out.

  • Just bought a new theme that is compatible with your plugin. Kreativa. The lightbox looks like they are using yours. I like how your lightbox shows the camera settings used when you took the picture of your abandoned Japan page. F-stop, shutter, etc. Is this feature something I can turn on? Where are all the settings for this within Kreativa?

  • Linda Mayoux

    Sorry but I cannot get this to work at all. I never managed to get the trial version to work, so as the plug-in then updated and verified for my version of WordPress I thought I would try subscription. When I try to link LIghtroom and try to log in with my password and subscription number it says ‘No subscription found for this serial’. I have checked everything again and again. It is also annoyingly trying to log into my wordpress site multiple times with the result I then get locked out of wordpress for hours. I sent an email to Jordy in reply to my email reply to the subscription confirmation. But got no response from. I have RSI, very busy work schedule and am hoping I have not just wasted my money.

    • I have replied to all my customers today and there is no emails left, so it seems like I didn’t get yours. The only way to contact me properly is here: https://meowapps.com/contact/. Can you try?

      • Linda Mayoux

        When I click on your link above it does not take me to any email contact??? My email was sent as reply to the subscription confirmation letter, with screenshot from lightroom on Tuesday 8th August.

        • Linda Mayoux

          the email I sent my mail to on 8th August was: ‘support@meowapps.com’

        • Reply to the questions on that form and you’ll be able to send me a message, I will get it and contact you. That is what everybody does and it works. If you reply to the subscription message, you might have been sending an email to Paypal instead of me.

          • Linda Mayoux

            OK I was confused by the multiple buttons. I pressed on ‘contact me’. That refreshed the page and took me back to the top. It was not clear that the ‘start here’ refered to the contact process. Maybe an arrow from the first button might help?

  • Linda Mayoux

    JSon Apps. The other issue I have is that having gone through all the debugging instructions it seems I have to have a JSON app. I have Jetpack and enabled everything I can see. None of the other JSON plug-ins are tested for my version of WordPress. And there are no details in the MEOW instructions as to exactly what is required.

  • gerard

    Hello, I’m trying your plugin in trial mode, version 2.8 (from Adobe market).
    I have 2 issues, the keywords and the watermark. Everything is setup but they are not taken into account. Is it a limitation of the trial mode?

    • Hi, there is no limitation on the trial. You shouldn’t use the plugin available on Adobe, please go on the http://store.meowapps.com and order a trial for the latest version. Keywords don’t work on the version on Adobe, but watermark is totally independent from WP/LR Sync, it’s an export settings. It’s of course available in WP/LR Sync as with all other Publish Services and this part is managed by Lightroom so I guess it’s more like a configuration problem for this one.

      • gerard

        Hello. I have just bought it from your site and now I’m making some tests. The versions in my profile are For WordPress (3.0.0) and For Lightroom (3.0.8). Is it correct? I have updraged on lightroom from 2.8 (the one from adobe) to 3.0.8. But on wordpress, it was already 3.1.3. So I have to downgrade it from 3.1.3 to 3.0.0?

        • Ah, sorry! It’s better to keep it updated to the latest version, and it is actually the one on WordPress 🙂

          • gerard

            Thanks. It almost works. I have a few questions. When one photo is part of 2 collections under lightroom, what happens on wordpress: the photo is created twice to be part of 2 collections, 2 folders (I bought WP Real Media Library) or the photo becomes only part of one them?

          • In WP/LR Sync database in WP, it’s exactly like in Lightroom, the photo will belong to two collections. Depending on how you synchronize it with your galleries or another plugins, WP/LR Sync will transmit the information of the photo as being part of two collections. WP Real Media Library however doesn’t seem to be able to have the same photo in two different galleries yet, I heard about this issue before 🙁

          • gerard

            OK. I have some issue with WP RML, I’m a bit disappointed because, it does not include all my photos in the folders 🙁 even the ones which are not part of 2 collections. I have tried to republish plenty of times.

          • gerard

            My issue is that when I want to include a photo in a post or in a gallery, your filter does not appear in the menu (it appears only in the media library).
            media library : http://prntscr.com/ghc7g8
            insert in a post : http://prntscr.com/ghc84n
            The best would be to get the filter available everywhere.

          • RML doesn’t really support adding one media to two collections, I have the confirmation from the developer. It can only have a photo in one collection. The issue is more complicated than this but it’s not related to WP/LR Sync so you should contact Matthias for this.

            About the filter, it actually can only be displayed in the Media Library in List View. That is actually currently a restriction in WordPress, hopefully it will change because I would also like to have my filters available in Insert Media. I have added a request to the WordPress team here: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/41854#ticket. Feel free to participate.

  • nigel

    This plugin is doing most of what I need, but I would like to be able to re-order the images in the gallery. I am using the generated gallery shortcode…pasting this “[gallery wplr-collections="10,11,12"]” into the text view of my page. I can’t view that gallery to edit the order. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Using the attributes, for now, the only way is to order them in your Lightroom manually (using Custom Order). Then right-click an image, mark as to republish, then republish. You will see that this order is used in the “Collections & Keywords” page.

      In the future, I am thinking to improve this “Collections & Keywords” page, and maybe to give the users to drag & drop the images within a collection to re-order them from WordPress 🙂

  • Phil

    is it somehow possible to “generate” a woocommerce product automatically for each image uploaded (for example, based on an existing reference-product?)

    • Hello Phil!
      1) WP/LR Sync shouldn’t do that, but of course it uploads/replaces a file using the natural WP workflow, so it will create all the image sizes registered by your system (WooCommerce included).
      2) That’s impossible, actually Lightroom is in control of what is sent through WP/LR Sync. And also, since an image is recognized by its ID in Lightroom, the whole system would be confused. The alternative would be to send the original size and to create an image size on WordPress that you which to use as your “big image”. Lightroom should just send one image and its info, keeps it synchronized, but shouldn’t handle the number of what kind of image sizes you have in your WP. That would be very messy 🙂

  • Jan Ho

    Hi I like the plugin and I bought it in Jan this year(v.2.8), but I cannot get login right now, how can I do? BTW, do I get updates when your update the plugin? I have no login information or anything to get the latest version btw.

  • I’m sorry, is this subscription-based? I bought the plugin last year and today I got a transaction from it again. I thought it was one time shop.

    • There are both yearly and lifetime, it’s clearly written on the website 🙂 If you bought it last year you should contact me, so that we can upgrade you to the new store.

  • Issa

    How do I get a refund? I uninstalled the lightroom add-on, removed the wordpress plugin and disabled the link from the page and I still got charged?

    • Would be quite magical if the plugin was refunded to you when you uninstall it. A bit like if you computer was refunded to you when you unplug it 😉 For refunds, it’s here: meowapps.com/contact. But anyway, I could found you from your name here and made the refund already.

      • Issa

        Thank you Jordy
        I couldn’t find the deactivation link / refund that’s why I put a message here.
        The plug in is excellent but is not what I was looking for at this point
        and since is a subscription I thought it’s better to deactivate it for now until I’m ready to use it.
        Thank you for your immediate support.

  • Charles Wills

    I have WP/LR Sync already working on one website & Lightroom. I am now trying to install it on another site and am having problems. In Lightroom I get the following error when trying to sync certain folders:
    “Connection to your website works but got an error from WP. Please check your PHP logs (on server), your WP/LR logs (on your computer) and the FAQ (http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/faq/). Also make sure that the plugin on the WordPress side is enabled.”
    I also see a fatal error in a log from my hosting service:
    “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getAttribute() on null in /home2/cwillsph/public_html/Karlisse/wp-content/plugins/meow-gallery/mgl_run.php:97”

    I can give you admin access if you want to look around.

    Also, I purchased a single lifetime license for the first installation last year and I’d like to purchase another single lifetime license for the second site (once I get this working) but I don’t see a single lifetime license as an option now. Is this available?

    • Charles Wills

      I ended up reinstalling WordPress and all the plugins and it seems to be working now. Just would like to know about purchasing a second lifetime license since I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this for some time to come.

      • It is the one with 5 websites. Basically the price is originally for 1 website but I thought it was weird to sell a lifetime license that only works for one website, so I made it 5 instead. Get it while it is there, this might change, the plugin is still too cheap at the moment (in comparison with the word required and support), even my users recommended me higher prices.

        • Charles Wills

          Thanks Jordy for a great plugin. I’m happy to purchase the 5 pack, just wondering if I can get a little discount since I already purchased one license and just need one more 🙂

  • Nico Kobel

    Hi jordy
    Just to be sure: Do I still have to subscribe worpress BUSINESS to be able to work with lr/wp even if i bought its license? if yes, i just can’t afford it…
    do you know if it works with massive dynamics (wp designer)?

  • E.R. Hamilton

    Hello, just a quick question. I have attempted to use Foogallery on my website and whereas WP/LR will create the gallery with “WordPress” as the post meta or “Array Post Meta (Imploded)” with “_foogallery_attachment_id” as the key, no images are included during the upload. The gallery is created with a single thumbnail image, but no additional images.

    Just curious, generally, where this is a problem with my settings (I’ll keep looking for the right ones) or where it could be something else, maybe table or theme related.

    Thank you.

    • Hi 🙂 I would need to look at it, but indeed, there should be a way to make ut work using settings. I am a bit busy at the moment, and also, I don’t think doing that is ideal. WP/LR Sync knows those collections, and FooGallery could pick them directly, more or less automatically. Therefore, I decided to write something on their support forums, here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/lightroom-foogallery/. Feel free to add a message on that thread, with your own thoughts, maybe you’ll like the idea and motivate the developers of FooGallery 🙂

      • E.R. Hamilton

        Ok, well thanks so much. I’m trying to find a gallery + lightbox with social sharing (Tumblr included!) and deeplinking, if you have suggestions 🙂 Only requirement is it plays nice with your plugin. I’ve had a rough time so far

        That’s why I’m going through this exercise. Thanks for the link. I’ll leave a comment with Foogallery.

        • I am not sure. I made “Meow Gallery” so that we have a clean Gallery which makes the WP Gallery to look better (since this is the default gallery system in WordPress, and WP/LR Sync can work with it). But more galleries would be great to have as partners. For Lightbox, anything is okay for WP/LR Sync, it’s not directly related 🙂 Hopefully FooGallery will work on this with me, would be great.

  • Wes Mitchell

    When I import from LR to WP, I don’t see any of the keywords on the LR photos in the images in WP. I have the export (publish) configured to forward all metadata, so it seems like keywords should be there. Also, how do I get at other metadata (EXIF or IPTC)?

    • Keywords at not originally part of WordPress, so you can add a taxonomy through WP/LR Sync in the settings (Create Keywords), or you can have the keywords written in the settings of WP/LR Sync on the LR side (either in the description, or the ALT field). Then metadata (EXIF / IPTC) is part of your images. WP/LR Sync does not provide tools on the WP side to read/display all those metadata, but Exifography or Media Library Assistant have functions for this.

  • Nico Kobel

    Hi Jordy
    I somehow get an error when paying with Paypal. According to the Paypal support, the owner (you) only permits paypal payments linked with a credit card. Can you confirm that, or is it by mistake?
    Is it possible to pay via onlinebanking? Because I don’t own a credit card…

    • Hi Nico. I am using Paypal and Stripe at the moment, it works very well. I don’t only permit credit card, I simply allow Paypal. Maybe because you choose a subscription? Then in that case, maybe Paypal requires a credit-card. Maybe for a lifetime (one-time payment) it works without a credit card.

  • Gérald Morales

    Hi, it does not seem possible to use the theme Enfold with WP/LR Sync as this theme use Avia builder to create galleries. Does anybody know if there is a way to make WP/LR Sync work with Enfold galleries?

  • Roberto Manrique
    • Roberto Manrique

      Hi Jordy,
      Could you help me Please?


    • Hi. If this message is displayed, it means your Lightroom can’t access anything online. Not sure why, this message normally never shows up… Are you sure you have a connection? Before displaying that messages, I also check the connection to your own website, then Google itself.

      • Roberto Manrique

        Yes, I have checked that I have a connection. I also have the habit of entering before my WordPress to check that the upload of the images. I have a perfect ADSL connection when the error happens.

        • I don’t know what to say, since before that message, the plugin checks the connectivity to the website API, to your website, then Google. If it’s displayed, it’s clearly that Lightroom can’t access Internet. Are you using a proxy? Or you can reboot, and try everything again? The plugin can’t fail internally like this, it is something else.

          • Roberto Manrique

            Hi Jordy, thansk for your response. The problem was I have Little Snitch and the it denyed any outgoing connection. Now the plugins work Fine. Thanks for you attention.

  • MuchFun

    Hi, Jordy –

    the description above is saying that one can use the [ gallery ] shortcode in WordPress in addition with wplr-keywords=’…’.

    That is working fine and as expected.

    But if I expand the short code with type=”rectangular” it does not change anything on how the gallery is being displayed.

    I use this: [gallery type=”rectangular” wplr-collection="9"] (e.g. “circle” does not work either.

    Do I use the wrong syntax or is it simply not possible to expand the shortcode when using the wplr-collection ?

    Thanks, Michael

    PS: [gallery type=”rectangular” ...] works as expected when I use images from the standard wordpress image gallery.

    • Hello 🙂 Where does it come from? You are using another gallery plugin also, right? I think this might be part of Jetpack Tiled Gallery? The “wplr-keywords” wouldn’t remove this feature if you have it, normally, I don’t see how. It basically overwrite the “ids=” but that’s pretty much it. Or maybe the Tiled Gallery (if that is the one you are using) really clash with the fact that the ids aren’t available right away? I am really not sure…

  • Kristoffer Hartmark

    Hi Jordy,

    I get the error message: “Wrong login, password, or missing the rights to upload files.” when trying to login in lightroom. I just purchaset the lifetime license and followed the
    install instructions on you page. Also i have the newest lightroom version. what should i try to fix this?

    Thanks, Kristoffer

  • Björn Engelke

    Since yesterday It is not possible for me any more to upload via LR to WP.

    “ERROR Connection to your website works but got an error from WP. Please check your PHP logs (on server), your WP/LR logs (on your computer) and the FAQ (http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/faq/). Also make sure that the plugin on the WordPress side is enabled.”

    In the local log file I can read an Error response from WP that the equal sign between Atrribute and AttributeValue is missing.

    It worked just a few hours before, so I really don’t know what is going wrong.
    Local LR Plugin Version is 2.8.02800
    WP version is 3.3.4

    Is there a more current version for LR available?

    thx in advance for your support.

  • Joe Gyurik

    Hi. When trying to login WP/LR through LightRoom, I get the following:

    I have double-checked the URL. I even copy and pasted it from a web browser.

    Any ideas.

  • Madhusudan Tawde

    My name is Madhusudan Tawde.Yesterday, I made a payment with Credit card of Indian Bank for LR/BLOG plugin but I didn’t get registration code or payment receipt yet so please send registration code ASAP.Do the needful

  • Charles Rodriguez

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/850a96343656131d243f92637e01befbfefde541765ef92fea7d8d7ae95dff37.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4be4e8c74f682fa7cab252aae42dcfff61602477d5725b8d004ac1e3671c3e39.png Hi. I just purchased this plug-in as I think it would be extremely useful but I cant seem to install it. I am working with Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 Release. Within the Lightroom plug-in manager the Plug-in file is not showing up even after I unzip the source file. Any suggestions?

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.