Installation & Usage

Follow these easy steps to get started using WP/LR Sync. WP/LR Sync requires a plugin on the Lightroom side and another plugin on the WordPress side. The WordPress plugin can be found on the official WordPress repository. You can also install it directly from your WordPress by looking for “WP/LR”. There is nothing else to set-up on the WordPress side.

Get a Key and the Plugin for LR

You need to get a key on the Meow Apps Store here: WP/LR Sync (or the button on the left). By doing so, you will also get the latest version of the Plugin for LR.


Unzip the plugin for LR in the directory where the plugins are kept on your system.

  • Windows: %appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules
  • Mac: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe

Note that the uncompressed directory (from the zip) should be named wplr-sync.lrplugin. The .lrplugin at the end is how Lightroom recognizes that it is indeed a plugin. Restart your Lightroom. In your Lightroom Plugin Manager, the plugin should appear. Enable it. If it’s not listed, you will need to add it manually through the Add button, and look for that .lrplugin file. If this explanation is not enough for you, check Jeffrey Friedl’s page about it: how to install Lightroom plugins.

Plugins for LR

Lightroom might ask you if you want to upgrade your catalog, which is normal, no worries 🙂

Basic Usage

Add a new WP/LR Sync Publish Service. Go the the Publishing Manager, click Add, and select WP/LR Sync.

Note: Don’t use more than one catalog to sync with a particular website. You can create more than one Publish Service in one catalog for the same website but in that case all the photos must be different. I recommend you to have a 1-1 relationship between one website and one Publish Service in one catalog, it’s cleaner.

Publish Service

This window containing the settings of the service should appear.


The License Key (Serial), The WordPress URL of your website, WordPress Login and Password are mandatory fields (use the base URL of your website, be careful with the https or http, www or not www, also don’t include /wp-admin or /wp-login). Once entered, click on the “Log In” button and you will be able to save those settings and use this new service immediately.

If you get an error, please check this: Debug Errors & Connectivity.

In the “Synchronization / Meta” section you can link your Lightroom fields to your WordPress fields. On the first upload on a photo, those fields will be used. On future synchronizations, only the ones checked below will be updated. You can choose this way to manage those fields in WordPress rather than in Lightroom.

I also recommend you to tweak the settings a bit. For example, I strongly suggest you to use the settings as shown below. If you don’t set any limits, the generated images might be too big for your WordPress or your server and you even might get an error.

Image Sizing

You are all set! Like a normal Lightroom Publish Service, you can drag & drop photos in the folder called Photos and “Publish” them. If you do any modification on those photos, you will be able to synchronize those changes via the “Publish” button.

Photos added in the collection called Photos will be only available in the Media Library. If you create collections, smart collections (in folder(s) or not), the photos in those will be also available in your Media Library. The hierarchy of folders and collections is stored internally by WP/LR Sync in WordPress and can be used by themes or other plugins through the extensions. You don’t know about extensions yet? Check here.

Customize your filenames

In the settings of the WP/LR Sync Publish Service, you should define the way those filenames are decided. Here is what it looks like.

WP/LR Sync - Filename

There is no correlation between the filename of your photo on your hard-drive (in Lightroom) and the one used by WordPress. The first time WP/LR Sync uploads a photo, this filename (based on the File Naming screen) will be used. Then, on further synchronizations, the filename will rename the same one (to avoid breaking anything in your HTML, by safety). If you wish to rename your files after they have been uploaded to the Media Library, have a look at the Media File Renamer plugin.

Folders and Collections

If you would like to see the hierarchy of folders/collections in the Media Library, enable the option “Show Folders & Collections in Media Library”. It adds a filter to your Media Library, like this:

WP/LR Sync Library Filter

You can also enable the Debugging Tools in the Settings and then you will be able to check that the hierarchy of collections, the hierarchy of keywords and other things. All this data can be used by other plugins and themes through the WP/LR Sync API.

Previous Uploads

If you want to take care of (= linking) all the photos that you previously uploaded before using WP/LR Sync, the next step is to use the Total Synchronization module.

Optimize the Images

Now you are uploading nice and big photos from Lightroom. You might want to use my Retina plugin to support Retina screen and make sure your website looks beautiful on every device.

You also might want to optimize those images (especially since WordPress generates a bunch of them, of every size registered by your theme/plugins). Check this if you want to know more about optimizing your images: Image Optimization for WordPress.


Go further

Do you want to go further, and sync WP/LR Sync with your theme portfolio, galleries, or something else? WP/LR Sync is very powerful and can do a lot of things for you. Check about the extensions.

Do you have any other questions about the basics? If you do, please ask them in the comments below. I will reply to them quickly. Thank you 🙂

  • Brodes57

    Hi there. This looks exactly what I need. Can I ask about keywords in Lightroom. Can these be imported and used in WordPress?

    • Yes, there is an option in WP/LR Sync to create a new taxonomy ( in WordPress called “Keywords” under “Media” 🙂

      • Brodes57

        Excellent. Thanks so much. I am just shifting from Smugmug to WordPress and combining two websites. Have started with Envira Gallery but it seems to be slowing my site admin processing down considerably.

        • I am working on actually proposing a complete solution to replace Smugmug. WP/LR Sync is the core, but we are working on a theme (kind of working) and an iPhone app (kind of working too). Please enjoy WP/LR Sync for the time beging but contact me at some point if you are willing to use a specific theme and a mobile app, I will need beta-testers for those 🙂

  • Arjun Kale

    Followed your instructions; Getting an error from Light Room when I go to enable the un zipped plugin Installed but not working.Please advice.error states that the plugin description script info.lua is missing Cheers

  • Sebastian Berger


    I have problems with the installation.
    I use your plugin with Real Media Library in the newest version and Lightroom in the newest version, also newest wordpress version. Hoster is all-inkl with php 5.5.
    If I try to sync a collection the folder which is created in real media library is empty an also unable to fill with other files or able to delete.
    The pictures show up in the general library.
    The post is created but without pictures in the gallery container.
    The developer from RML wrote that he see a problem with your plugin… Do you have please any hints?


    • Sebastian Berger

      Deactivated all plugins. No change.
      Json is activated with jetpack. Jetpack Carousel is also activated (found there nothing about WP-LR?).
      Local log says that the photo x is created. Nothing about folders.
      I have no more ideas….

      • RML has a very big update recently and Matthias (its developer) actually worked on my extension for WP/LR Sync. Today, he told me that there is a bug in that extension and told me how to fix it. I released a new version of the plugin: 2.6.9. Can you try it?

        • Sebastian Berger

          Now it creates nothing. Also no post.
          You’re json activation confuses me. I use Jetpack to activate it.
          Now it don’t works with activated jetpack…
          Problem: if I scan your QR code there happend…nothing. Only a failure that the browser can’t open this site.

          • I am not sure what you are trying to do, the RML extension doesn’t create any posts. I am not sure why you are trying the QR (and with what) neither, this is for an iPhone app 🙂 And JetPack is better off, usually (as it’s a very heavy plugin).

            Can you disable JetPack, RML and the extensions for a while? Let’s make it work step by step. The plugin works out the box with anything special. Go on the first tutorial, with nothing specific enabled, and let’s see what’s not working from there 🙂 It will be easier.

          • Sebastian Berger

            I’m trying to get your plugin to work in combination with RML.
            If i try, I get this:


            Your’re plugin doesn’t create a post since I update to 2.6.9 … The connection with lightroom works in this way that the pictures shows up in the mediacenter but not in a “folder”.

            I use jetpack with the elmatheme for gallery and some small functions. Jetpack is than big if you activate everything.

            I use your QR Code because your plugin told me to do to activate JSON Api…

            On every try I reset everything before and log out /in in lightroom to reset the connection.

            I tried your first tutorial and it don’t work.
            I did it again now -> no new post.

            Sorry for misunderstandings… english is not my native language.

          • You can’t create anything from RML directly, the folders/collections inside the Lightroom folder in RML are managed by RML only; so it’s normal you are getting that message.

            You say “no post”. But when do you expect a post to be created? Are you also using the Post Types extension then?

          • Sebastian Berger

            I don’t talk about that RML don’t create a post.
            I talk about that WPLR don’t do it.

            What I want to do:
            1. WPLR: Send my pics from lightroom to WP with creating a draftpost with the pictures in it.

            2. RML: I want from RML that when 1. is finished (or between) that I see a subfolder in my medialibrary that contains the uploaded pics.

            Both wishes don’t work.
            Addon: before the last update WPLR creates a post with a gallerycontainer in it. But the gallery container don’t contains any of the uploaded pictures. I think the problem is in this part of the process. Assigning the uploaded pictures to the gallerypart (hook / post / else). That would explain why the RML folder is empty.
            After the update WPLR don’t create a draftpost at all.

            Possibly someting is not correct configured but I miss what it is.

          • I am not sure what the problem is but in any case this page is not really the right one. Je suis français en fait donc ça serait mieux si tu pouvais me contacter directement via la page Contact et on résoudra le problème 🙂

          • Sebastian Berger

            Speaking french to a german is not the solution… only as a hint…^^
            I can try to record a video about the problem and send you the link with the contact form. I think that will better describe the problem(s)

            best regards

          • Haha, for some reason I thought you were French 😉 Okay, sure, with a video that might be easier.

          • Sebastian Berger

            No problem… ;o) I solve the problem. I’m not sure what exactly the problem is but it looks like jetpack fools around.
            I try to find the detailed problem and will send it to you.
            For now I married LR/WP and jetpack and it works.
            Jetpack is for now the best choice for me with carousel, gallery and related posts, but I will watch your plugins! 🙂
            I will write my content now and configure the taxonomys.
            If your interested I will also promote your plugin in a german blog entry.

            Best regards

          • Yes, JetPack can disable the WP-API it seems. I am not sure, I am not using it 🙂 Of course, that would be awesome to have a little post about my plugin. Let me know when you do, I’ll retweet it 🙂

          • Christoph Hilger

            Hi Sebastian,
            could you please tell me, where exactly you found that QR code. I need it for the accompanying iPhone app and I can’t find it anywhere.
            Thank you very much and best regards from Austria!

          • Hey Christoph 🙂 The QR Code is in the Settings of WP/LR Sync in WordPress, but to see it you need to enable the JSON API in those Settings.

          • Christoph Hilger

            Hi Jordy,
            thanks a lot! I just found it accidentally myself by checking all options a few minutes ago and I already wrote you an email…
            So basically everything is fine now and there is only one last question: Does enabling the JSON API make WordPress more vulnerable for hackers?
            Best wishes from Austria and have a nice weekend!

          • Not at all, because this QR Code doesn’t give you access to the WordPress (neither my API), but only to the functions that gives you the collections and photos, so it’s safe 🙂 Have a nice week-end too! Don’t hesitate to write a little review on the Apple Store, that will help this little app 🙂

          • Joachim Schweidler

            Hi Sebastian,

            I have the same problem. When I scan the QR Code to activate the iPhone App, I get an error. I think it is because the url contains a pipe symbol (vertical line). Any Ideas ?

          • Hi @joachimschweidler:disqus, it is not because of the pipe. Would you mind contacting me?

          • Joachim Schweidler

            Hi @JordyMeow:disqus
            what do you mean with “contacting me”? I tried to contact you via private message on twitter but got no response.

  • thefinercookie

    Hello, before I install this plugin, I’d like to ask a few questions regarding the synch feature. My site has recently been migrated to WP with the Enhanced Media Library. Currently, I have 2500+ images that are all linked to posts, but are missing meta date (file name, captions and alt text). I was thinking that maybe this plugin would help facilitate filling in the missing meta data. Here are my questions: 1) will the plugin synch both ways? 2) being that all my images currently exist in the media library, if I fill in the meta data in LR for those existing images, will this plugin overwrite the existing image, or will it create a duplicate? 2) will the existing links between image and post that are already established in my WP Media library stay intact. In other words, if I add meta data to my lightroom library, and synch to WP, will those links stay as is, or be broken? I suppose this third question is a variation of my second question. Many thanks, Kim/The Finer Cookie

    • Hi 🙂
      1) The sync is only done from LR to WP. Lightroom only support Publish Services, and even though I could trick their system to synchronize both ways, that would a big dirty hack that will end not well for too many users.
      2) You need to link your previously uploaded images in WP with the ones in LR first (check my introduction about Total Synchronization). But yes, it will add the metadata and replace those images with fresher ones.
      3) I think you are talking about the fact that those images are “attached” to a post. Yes, WP/LR Sync will not modify this.

  • Fedor Duhrmann

    I am following the instructions, but I can’t find the plugin when I try to add in the publishing manager.

    • I added a screenshot in the Install section of this page. It is the Plugins Manager. Can you open yours? Do you see the WP/LR Sync plugin in there?

      • Fedor Duhrmann

        Jep, I followed it so far. Had added the plug in manually first and then through Lightroom’native folder.
        Either way, I see the plug in in the manager and see that it is enabled. Clicking on reload plug in even jitters the side panel but when I try to add the it in the publishing manager it does not appear (Lightroom CC).

        • So the plugin is enabled, and you basically don’t see it as a choice when you add a new Publish Service (you need to click on Add)? Like in this screenshot?

          • Fedor Duhrmann


          • Do you mind sharing screenshots of your Plugins Managers and your Publishing Manager? That’s really, really weird, I have never seen this issue before. And it makes no sense for my plugin, as it is a Publish Manager it appears as such :/

          • Fedor Duhrmann
          • That’s not my plugin… The URL of my plugin is wrong, the name shown on the left is “ Expo…”. Where did you get that plugin from? How did you get it? It looks like the Exporter (which is an export plugin). Mine is available at

          • Fedor Duhrmann

            hahaha! you are the king! I was trying to different ones, I guess, and I thought I decided for your but apparently grabbed the wrong zip file 🙁
            thanks for your help!!! It is already activated by itsel, just need to set it up! 😀 like charm – ok, I am off to work and enjoy your creation tonight!

          • That was a funny mistake 🙂 It got me really confused for a few seconds… Haha! I’m glad it works. Please let me know how it goes later 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Christophe Blanchy


    puis-je m’exprimer en français…
    je tente d’installer le plugin mais en FREE et local sur mac impossible de me logger…

    Merci pour votre réponse
    Christophe Blanchy

  • George Cook

    Hey Jordy,
    Love the plugin.
    I’m a little confused. In the LR Publish Services area I can create folders under your plugin. I am unable to move photos into them, I can only move photos into the “Photos” box above them. What is their purose

    • Folders can only contain other (sub) Folders or Collections. Collections contain Photos 🙂

      • George Cook

        OK so I create a Collection under that folder to contain photos, correct?
        My guess is that this is a functionality of LR that I didn’t grasp.

  • George Cook

    With WP/LR I have created separate instances for each of my categories but they all just go to the media library and I have to “attach” them to the appropriate Gallery (in Theme Tripod)
    Is this normal behaviour or am I missing a step to attach them directly to a specific Gallery automatically when uploaded?

  • kreativbilder

    In the LR plugin I have one and the same photo in 2 different colletions. In wordpress it is displayed only in one collection (I use RML). What do I have to do so that the photo is displayed in both collections? Sorry but my english is not so good to understand all the parameters of the plugin 🙂

    • It’s a limitation of RML. RML doesn’t support a same photo in two different collections. I actually think this should be possible and talked with the developer about it, but I think he is thinking more of his plugin as a tool similar to a file system (and therefore, a file should be at only one place). But on WP/LR Sync side, it’s actually working exactly as in Lightroom. You can try the “Show Folders & Collections in Media Library” option in WP/LR Sync (WP side).

      • kreativbilder

        Thank’s for your reply, I understand thats a thing of rml. I have just contacted the developer, let’s see what he says :-). I think that would be a good extension.

      • kreativbilder

        good news! I just had contact with Matthew of RML, it is already under development that a picture in several folders can be present.

      • kreativbilder

        Hello Jordy, the new Version von RML (3.0) now allows the same photo in different collections – but it does not work. Matthias says its a thing of WP/LR Sync. Now i am a little bit confused.

      • Andrew Hoeveler

        I have tried and tried to find this magical “Show Folders & Collections in Media Library” option in WP but cannot find it. Could you be more specific about how to find this?

  • Steve Fox

    Hi Jordy,

    Just purchased your v3 plugin and I’m using it with LR 5.7 on Win 7.

    When I first tried to connect I received “Got an error from WordPress. Please follow the instrcutions here:”

    I saw I should be using REST but when I looked at the settings, I was already using REST – I tried changing to XML/RPC and then I could connect.

    I tried publishing from the default Photo collection and got ‘Can’t update this collection’…an internal error lua:303 attempt to concatenate field ‘remoteCollectionId’ (a nil value)

    However, the photo was actually in the media library

    I followed your instructions, disabled plugins and always get this error. In the error logs. I have:

    [29-Mar-2017 16:29:22 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/pinholep/public_html/nextgen/wp-content/plugins/wplr-sync/lrsync_core.php on line 1003

    Please let me know your suggestion or if you need further information.



    • Hello! Are you actually using the latest version of the WP plugin? The latest LR plugin needs also the WP plugin to be 3.0.0 (or more). If that doesn’t help, contact me directly, I guess I should have a closer look 🙂

      • Steve Fox

        Yep – version 3.0.0…..just sent you a mail

  • Frank

    HI I transferred some images from LR to WP, they show up as files in my Media file, but the thumbnail just has a ? in it. If I click on edit the photo the image shows up but when I go back to the media file it still is there with a ? showing but not the thumb nail. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Hi! So it means the image has been successful transferred but the creation of thumbnails hasn’t been done/finished, which is weird because this part is handled by WordPress. It means something happened in between. You didn’t get any error in Lightroom? Can you have a look at your PHP Error Logs?

      • Frank

        Hi – I’m a a bit of a novice in all this web stuff. I went to my hosting site and searched for PHP Error logs and nothing came up. I tried to follow everything on the installation page. Couldn’t quite follow the WP-JSON enabled but did find a box where that is checked on my hosting site. I didn’t get an error in Lightroom when I first transferred them but today I did and it said one image was too big. Though it did transfer later. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plug ins in both LR and WP. I have also deleted the photos and reinstalled them on the WP side. I’m sure it is some thing simple that I’m probably doing wrong. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but had family in town. I also tried a different file today from another shooting thinking maybe some thing was wrong in the other files. also turned off all the other plug ins and tried it.

        • Frank

          I’m still having the same issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both in LR and WP. I even rebuilt the preferences in LR. I did get an error message when I tried transferring some images today. I have attached a screen shot. Also there is a screen shot of what the media file looks like in WP.

          • Many things can be happening here, but the issue would be clear in the PHP Error Logs. When you have an issue, you should really look in the PHP Error Logs first. Otherwise, the only thing we can do is guessing 🙂

            My guess here is your images are too big. In the settings of the Publish Service, you need to set a maximum image size for the export, like explained in this tutorial. That’s important, almost no install would accept a huge file. In your case, one file is totally rejected, and the others are accepted, but they might be very close to that maximum size. Then your WordPress starts generating the other images based on it, and maybe other process from other plugins; and if it doesn’t finish because it takes too long, then everything stops suddenly.

            So first, make sure your images are not huge. Then have a look at your PHP Error Logs so that we can be sure of what is happening.

          • Frank

            Hi – my images are smaller than what you have listed on your help page. I have attached some error logs. Hope they can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

            [12-Apr-2017 19:04:57 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘note’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:04:57’, ‘404’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:04:28 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:04:28’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:04:28 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:04:28’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:04:28 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:04:28’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:02:42 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:02:42’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:02:42 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:02:42’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

            [12-Apr-2017 19:02:41 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘referrer’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `wp_dls_error_log` (`date`, `type`, `url`, `referrer`, `ip`, `note`) VALUES (‘2017-04-12 19:02:41’, ‘404’, ‘’, NULL, ‘’, NULL) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), wp, WP->main, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, DLS_Error->error_listener, DLS_Error_Data->log

  • Steve Fox

    Hello – I am having some issues with my keywords getting synced….I am using post / category / post_tag. The KW are visible in the Tags interface yet all have zero next to them. I am also writing KW into the description which is working. I have taken screen grabs of all relevant parts I think and maybe easier to see it here:

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    • Steve Fox

      I decided to reset the database as it was just a test site & try from the beginning…..this time:

      – KW are now being displayed in the media library
      – Tags (under posts) show a list of all the KW but they all have zero in the count column so they are not paired with anything


      • Hi Steve, WP/LR Sync has a few issues with the keywords, they are a bit difficult to handle. But actually this was greatly improved in WP/LR Sync 3, so first question, are you using it? 🙂 And then, a new update will be coming that makes things perfect. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to try it before it’s released.

        • Steve Fox

          Hi Jordy – yep I’m using 3 (actually 3.0.4 for WP and 3.0.6 for LR)….I would be very happy to test out the new update.

  • Andrew Rowell

    Error: Bad request – parameter error on attempted purchase

  • Balázs Szilágyi

    Hi Jordy,

    My name is Balazs and I am about to purchase your Lightroom to WP sync plugin, but before I would like to ask a question just to make sure everything is all right.

    I am about to build up 5 websites for photo studio in Iceland. The studio is using Lightroom for their photos and they definitely need a plugin to upload their pictures directly from Lightroom to their future WP sites along with the folders and collections, and we need them to keep synchronized. Any changes applied to their photos (post-processing, metadata, watermark, etc.)

    The studio will use one Lightroom account for all their 5 websites, meaning they will upload pictures from one LR to five different WP sites, do I understand well that it is possible? so I just have to install 5 times your WP/LP sync plugin to their Lightroom account of course with 5 different WP login and password, so they can easily manage the 5 websites media libraries from one Lightroom account.

    I hope I explained myself well and you understand what I mean.

    thank you for your answer in advance,

    kind regards,

    • Hi Balasz 🙂 Yes, it’s totally the normal use of WP/LR Sync that you described here, no problem at all 🙂 The plugin uses the concept of Publish Service in Lightroom so it’s exactly made for that.

  • Nick

    Hello, is the plugin working on (with an active Business plan)?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think so. If you want to get serious with WordPress, go for Siteground or WPEngine hostings, you will have the freedom you need 🙂

      • Nick

        Many thanks of the suggestion! Siteground sounds perfect for me

  • vmala

    I love the concept and the idea of being able to upload and change the pictures directly from Lightroom, BUT, no matter what I do it doesn’t work after I uploaded all the pictures. When I make a modification to a file and try to publish I get this message in Lightroom.

    Any help it’s Welcome!
    Thank you!

  • Sebastian Berger


    I bought your plugin in the “old” store and need a new download after installing LR Classic CC.
    Kenn you please create me an account or send me the link to the newest version? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi, please contact me here:

      • Sebastian Berger

        Got it already! Thanks for the link. Bought the new one! 🙂

  • Michel Pézolet

    Hi Jordy,

    I bought your plugin two days ago. So far, so good. For some reason, I am not able to transfer the Title Metadata from LR to WP even though Title is set to IPTC Title. In LR, the titles are in both IPTC and WP/LR Sync panes. All other settings are as in your Tutorial. The captions are transferred. Also, I have about 500 pictures in galleries on my site using the Sirius Theme of Themesgood. The titles and the captions of the pictures were entered directly in WP. What is the best way to synchronize this information between LR and WP without loosing the WP titles and the captions and without having to reenter all the information in LR?

  • Wes Mitchell

    Hi, just bought wplr sync and RML. After installing, I realized that i needed to recreate folder/collection hierarchies underneath the WPLR publishing service. This is a pain, and error prone to maintain parallel hierarchies. Any ideas on how I can publish an entire collection from LR maintaining the collection set/collection hierarchies?

    I don’t know how to publish an entire LR collection except to drag/drop the files into a folder in the publishing service.

    This is important for my workflow, I would really like a one-step solution to publish to hierarchies on the wp site (galleries, etc.)

    • Hi Wes! There is no choice. It’s the way Lightroom works. You need to re-create folders/collections inside the Publish Services. Usually, your personal organization and the one you have online should be quite different. Do you have troubles creating those folders and collections? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly through the support section 🙂

  • Luis Urbina

    Hi Jordy, I am still a little confused as to how this works. I have WPLR, Meow Gallery and Lightbox. I upload my pictures and they appear in the Media folder. So far, so good. Then I create a Page and Insert Media. The Media content pops up and I have an option of Creating a Gallery. When I do this, I can pick the pictures I want in the gallery, BUT I don’t see any way of Naming the gallery. When I click Save Gallery, the code I see is something like this: [gallery ids="509,503,636"]
    How can I later add more pictures to this gallery? I don’t get it
    Please help me understand this

    • Hi Luis. This option to create a gallery is brought by WordPress, so you can simply google about it if you want to know more 🙂 This is actually not related to my plugin at all, however, the Meow Gallery is enhancing this visually. If you want to create a gallery handled by WP/LR Sync, you need to visit the “Collections & Keywords” page under the WP/LR Sync menu and use those shortcodes. They will be always updated dynamically.

I recommend you to use WPEngine or SiteGround. They are both excellent hosting services and work perfectly with all my plugins.